• Question: Hello, most of us just do courses without even knowing what they entail, for instance me, here, but was encouraged to do it that it is marketable, but woi!! it is hell! after graduation, May I know what encouraged you to venture into Research please.

    Asked by mace17key to Collins on 16 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: David Collins

      David Collins answered on 16 Feb 2021: last edited 16 Feb 2021 4:00 pm

      You can read a lot about your course online, for example, the main topics that you will be covering. There is never a bad course. What is important is what you eventually do with it. For example, you now find medical doctors who are employed as scientists; they used their medical degrees to pursue a master’s degree relevant to research and now, instead of being doctors in clinics, are now research scientists. Another example is teachers who undertook education but are now working for non governmental organizations as professional educators implementing projects on education in communities. Therefore, your career is not based on your undergraduate course but on the next step you take in your career. Personally, with my undergraduate course, I am meant to be working in a hospital laboratory with low pay and little motivation. Thanks to my master’s and PhD degrees, I am looking forward to working in leading research institutions all over the world with better pay and career progression!